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Culture - Heritage

Culture takes diverse forms across time and space. This diversity is embodied in the uniqueness and plurality of the identities of the groups and societies making up humankind. As a source of exchange, innovation and creativity, cultural diversity is as necessary for humankind as biodiversity is for nature... In the face of present-day economic and technological change, opening up vast prospects for creation and innovation, particular attention must be paid to the diversity of the supply of creative work, to due recognition of the rights of authors and artists and to the specificity of cultural goods and services which, as vectors of identity, values and meaning, must not be treated as mere commodities or consumer goods...
UNESCO Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity (2 November 2001)

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Activities (2017)


Folk-Portal; is a website designed by the Cultural Research Foundation (CRF – KAV) with the aim of moving into the future by recording and presenting data which are still existing or in memory on a digital, common platform in today’s Turkey, where cultural objects related to traditional life, knowledge-accumulation and practices undergo rapid change / transformation.

Presenting a functional, permanent and sustainable digital documentation environment for the benefit of society is a priority approach that develops Folk-Portal, where elements, traditions and traders who define our cultural identity are included. Folk-Portal, which aims to create a common information sharing platform for the identification and continuity of cultural heritage and an interactive educational field, will also undertake the role of to be an archive.

The fictional infrastructure of this site is based on voluntary participation and sharing. Folk-Portal, will have a role in issues about compiling / documenting / sharing / expressing our living cultural heritage with civil society initiative and about the introduction of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention in Turkey which will contribute to our collective memory.

In Folk-Portal, sharing of intangible cultural heritage elements is considered without being detached from the context in brief, clear and comprehensible chapters case and it has been tried to make this sharing fully compatible for internet use with the theme and mobile tools suitable as possible as much.

Folk-Portal website; has been supported by the European Union Sivildüşün Program within the scope of software and hosting – domain (website technical infrastructure and internet publishing).

CRF ARCHIVE [ 2003 - 2016 ]

Cultural Research Foundation (CRF), within the scope of its establishment, performs social works in order to constitute heritage awareness at a social level and take steps to protect the traditional values, which are exposed to a swift extinction due to the popular culture. Due to these facts, the Foundation continues to work since 2002.

[ 2003 - 2016 ]


The collection has toys made from organic and industrial material such as wood, metal, fabric, paper, bone etc. These toys include antique objects from the beginning of 1900s, tin toys from 1950s,