Cultural Research Foundation [ CRF ] Kültürel Araştırmalar Vakfı



The toys, spinning top, and amulet collections under Toy Researches and Ritual Programs works to transmit the traditional knowledge with exhibitions, workshops, and trainings.

Toy Collection

The collection has toys made from organic and industrial material such as wood, metal, fabric, paper, bone etc. These toys include antique objects from the beginning of 1900s, tin toys from 1950s, Eyüp toys as well as jongleur, whistle pitchers, and toys to teach babies and children the methods of agriculture. The collection has handmade toys from 25 countries around the world such as USA, Turkmenistan, Peru, Afghanistan, Poland, Macedonia, Guatemala, Nepal, and Japan in addition to Anatolian toys.

Whipping Top Collection

The spinning top collection has spinning tops tops from 30 countries. The collection includes brass spinning tops, antique tin spinning tops as well as spinning tops made from wood, paper, glass, brass, tree seed coming from various countries like Tunisia, Venezuela, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and India.   

Amulet Collection

The amulets produced by traditional methods taken from different regions of Turkey and taken in the inventory; Bone, wood, metal, glass, leather, earth, fabric, etc., are mostly objects made of natural materials. The collection of amulets collected in the program is used for the transfer of traditional knowledge through exhibition and workshop studies.